VAG Lite 2024-06 Virtual Machine

Size: 187GB total, 65GB compressed (WinRAR).
Type: VmWare Workstation Virtual Machine.
Year / Release Date: 2024-June-04.
Interface language: Multilingual.
Price: $110

VAG-LITE in Windows7-32bit Virtual Machine, include:
-Etka 8.2 with Algeny loader and additional 101.000 VINs:
Audi upd 1556
VW upd 1556
Commercial upd 1556
Seat upd 1082
Skoda upd 1088
Price upd 396
-PET2 Porsche with Algeny loader and 8.6 updater and 5.600 additional VINs:
Porsche upd768
Price upd400
-ElsaWin 4.1 with working Scoda:
Audi 2017-03
Commercial Vehicles 2017-01
VW 2017-01
Seat 2015-01
Skoda 2012-03
-Porsche Wiring Diagrams 2017,
-Porsche EPC 1950-2018 in PDF.

There is NO online decoding of VIN-codes. You can connect third-party paid services for this, on the desktop there is a textbook with the necessary links.

The Etka8.2 and PET2, need to be updated every week.  If you don`t update a long time, software will not starts until be updated, and update will takes a long time.