Mitsubishi All-in-1 2024-06 Virtual Machine

Mitsubishi All-in-1 Virtual Machine in Windows7-32bit price $110.

Size 70 GB total, 46GB compressed (WinRAR)
Type: VmWare Workstation Virtual Machine
Year / Release Date: 2024-June.
Interface language: English/Japan

Mitsubishi All-in-1 Virtual Machine is including:
-Mitsubishi ASA 1.8 vers 2024-04:
M60 2024-05-31 Upd 855 Europe
M50 2024-05-31 Upd 835 Usa
M00 2024-05-31 Upd 938 Japan
M60 2024-02-23 Upd 806 General
-Mitsubishi Service Manuals pack, TIS and some Wiring Diagrams 2003-2021
-LinkOne Fuso 2018-01 Eur, GXP, Mexico, North America, Translation
-CAPS Fuso Asia 2011-03
-CAPS Canter Eur 2007-10
-CAPS Canter Jap 1989-05
-Canter and Fuso Service Manuals pack 1986-2016.

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