AllData 2013 Virtual Machine

Size: 609GB total, 497GB compressed (WinRAR).
Type: VmWare Workstation Virtual Machine.
Type: Installatio ISO (size 417GB).
Year / Release Date: 2013-august (Q3).
Interface language: Multilingual.
Price: $100

All Data 10.53 Q3-2013 (August):
The AllData 10.53 software package contains a detailed description of repair and maintenance work for both American-made cars and Asian with European-made cars produced for the American sales market. AllData 10.53 will help in repairing not only American cars, but will also allow you to repair European and Asian foreign cars, since many units in cars are identical, despite the assembly for different sales markets. The program contains detailed information on repair, which describes the features of the device of individual mechanisms, standards for various parameters (volumes of refueling tanks, wheel alignment angles, etc.), diagnostic and repair equipment and special tools used, a description of assembly, disassembly, adjustment, repair and diagnostics, information on the location of components and mechanisms, etc. With the AllData 10.53 program, you can not only repair, but also diagnose malfunctions of electronic components of the car. To do this, you have the following information for you: the location of the diagnostic connector, detailed tables of decoding of trouble codes with an indication of possible causes of a malfunction, symptoms, as well as a sequence of checks to eliminate the malfunction, a description of the content of the readable blocks of current parameters with an indication of standard values, work with adaptation channels, etc. …